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Find a trustworthy front-desk service that you can rely on while traveling in Colombia. Whatever you need, we will help you find and secure it. Plus, if you are planning a group trip, send us an email and we help you step-by-step with the logistics, so that the end result is a productive and rewarding experience.

Experience a change of pace when you arrive to your home away from home.

Your home is in great hands

Our team takes care of all your home maintenance details, so that don’t have to. Come home to enjoy your house, and NOT to worry about backed up plumbing, rusty hinges, bad WiFi/cable, or anything that could possibly go wrong while you’re away for an extended time. Our goal is simple: you and your family arrive to your home and enjoy it, and let us worry about the chores and general maintenance prior to your arrival. We keep everything as it should be, whether it is cleaned windows, oiled door hinges, properly sliding doors, or even a home entertainment system that turns on. Before and after your visit, we will keep everything safe, up-to-date, and working properly, so that you won’t be bothered by any technicians during your stay at home.

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Party Planning

We will help you to find the perfect venue for your anniversary, wedding, school reunion, bachelorette party, bachelor party, spiritual retreats, etc., in the old city, Bocagrande, or whatever location suits best your party needs and budget.

Personal Housekeeper

There is no need to go out every day to spend a fortune at restaurants, nor is it necessary for you to do the laundry and dishes. We will provide you with a well-trained, trusted individual to help to provide you and your group with delicious meals and the clean up as well. Our staff can do the shopping for you, the cooking, the laundry, and of course the clean up.

Shopping Information

We can help you to find that special something for that special someone, and at the right price. Don't pay too much for mediocre goods and services. Our staff will find the quality products that you desire, and at a reasonable price. Whatever it is, we'll help you find it.